Pro One Aero TLE 無內胎


Pro One Aero TLE 無內胎

Schwalbe 's road bike tires have always been known for the best handling characteristics. It is not for nothing that many professional drivers swear by their performance.
Now Schwalbe is launching the next hit with the Pro ONE AERO. This was developed in cooperation with Scott, Syncros and the Swiss engineering company Radiate and sets new standards in terms of aerodynamics. In contrast to the Pro ONE TT, it has 20% less air resistance at a speed of 45 km/h. And that with a width of 28 mm. This allows you to save valuable energy, which is also available to you in the final of a race. Of course, rolling resistance, road grip and puncture protection are still at the highest level, so you can fully rely on these tires at all times.
With the Pro ONE AERO tire, Schwalbe distinguishes between the version for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel. While attention was paid to the best aerodynamics at the front, puncture protection and low rolling resistance play the most important role at the rear.

ADDIX Race rubber compound with SOUPLESSE construction
ADDIX Race is a multi-compound made from the latest and highest quality polymers. The filling levels for silica have been significantly increased, and the mixing process has also been refined. Different special compounds are used on the tread and on the sides. This increases grip in corners without having a negative impact on rolling resistance or durability.
The Super Race SOUPLESSE construction integrates the Tubeless Easy technology in the most advanced way. This makes the tire incomparably supple and comfortable. The driving experience resembles the silky smooth behavior of a tube tire.

evolution line
The Evolution tires are Schwalbe 's top models. Fast, very light and good mileage make these tires the first choice for all ambitious athletes. Schwalbe manufactures these products using only the best materials available in order to meet all the requirements placed on a tyre.

RaceGuard puncture protection
Two crossed layers of nylon fabric provide excellent protection against unwanted air loss. This puncture protection belt is used especially with fast tires because it is light and does not negatively affect performance. Of course, you should drive with foresight and avoid sharp-edged objects.

TLE - Tubeless Easy
TLE tires are specially designed for use without tube and thus offer by far the best performance. No confusion: All Pro One road bike tires are clearly marked with additional labels as "TLE" or "TUBE ONLY" tires. However, the use of sealing milk is necessary.